Avoid costly drain blockages with our service plans

We service newly installed or existing grease management systems, providing a range of servicing plans depending on how busy your kitchen is, and to meet site-specific requirements.


If you fail to have your grease trap serviced regularly you could end up clogging up your entire drain system. Not only would it be against the law but it could also have huge cost implications.

Our products are designed to work in conjunction with you and your kitchen staff. If you follow the Best Kitchen Practice Guide, they are efficient, hygienic and a perfect solution to FOG waste collection and removal.

Let our team of FOG experts do the dirty work for you and keep your kitchen running smoothly.

What’s included?

We offer a range of servicing and maintenance plans depending on how busy your kitchen is and your and particular needs:

  • Regular ongoing maintenance
  • Sanitisation and cleaning of the trap's location
  • Regular survey and assessment of your needs
  • Ajoining pipe work checks and tightening
  • Parts replacement (seals, clips etc)

New installation plans

For new installations we automatically offer a servicing proposition whether it be a 'Fogtrap' , GRU or Commercial Trap.

Existing greasetrap plans

We are happy to create a service plan of your current traps to suit your needs and budget to ensure that the equipment is performing correctly, and waste removed efficiently.

FOG Problems? Contact the specialists at Aquarius.

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