What the FOG?

Friday 15th March 2019

Jeremy Ferrant, Property Facilities Administrator for Nandos UK, helped organise a site visit to our sustainability partner Brocklesby Ltd so they can see for themselves how waste from our Fogtraps is recycled.

Do you know what happens to all the good and bad stuff left over in our grease traps once they leave the restaurant? We sent a few of our Nandocas to find out…

Whilst it’s not the most glamorous story, it’s a really important one when looking at how we try to do the right thing and be as sustainable as we can. FOG traps help collect oil we cannot separate and dispose of ourselves. (That is why we send fryer oil, waste chicken fat and other easy to collect oil to Olleco in the blue drums.)

Once the FOG traps are collected, they’re emptied and water is removed, and what is left over (the Fat, Oil and Grease, or the FOG – hence the clever title) is processed.

Once that’s put through a more refined process, we’re left with three far more useful products – biofuel, biogas and fertiliser. All of these help towards: renewable energy (like the energy that powers our restaurants), diesel for vehicles (like our delivery lorries) and help grow veggies (like the veggies we use).

Who knew waste could be so FOGin’ useful hey?

Written by Jeremy Ferrant, Property Facilities Administrator for Nandos